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Holy Trinity School Modernization2021, Calgary, Alberta, K-6 Elementary School

The original school was built in 1956 as a single storey masonry building in the southeast community of Forest Lawn. The hexagon shaped classroom pods at each end of the central corridor feature large, exposed glulam beams. In 1993 a library and change rooms were added, matching the original construction and bringing the total area to 2,227 square metres.


In 2020 Iwanski Architecture was hired to complete a major modernization. Together with the consultant team we undertook a complete M&E infrastructure replacement, increasing the energy efficiency and maintainability of the whole building. Interior work included reducing the size of the gym to accommodate a servery area and additional music room storage as well as modernizing all washrooms to be efficient, safe, and inclusive. While keeping some of the original features such as glass block on interior vestibules and the exposed glulam beams in the classrooms, the new design is appropriate, bright, and equipped for a modern learning environment.


The exterior entrance is marked by an angled, aluminum clad canopy that leads to a bright and welcoming foyer. We increased the window openings, which had previously been drastically reduced in size, maximising daylight and creating bright teaching spaces while still achieving an efficient building envelope. The new facade design which includes attractive and durable brick cladding adds to the warm and welcoming feel of the building.

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