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iwanski architecture collective

Iwanski Architecture and our partner studios, Ensight+ Architecture and Keystone Architecture, established an architectural collaborative in 2020. Our firms recognized that our talents are diverse and complementary. Our 'connective tissue' and shared core values are diversity, inclusivity and cultural sustainability.


We understand that social diversity and inclusivity are fundamental building blocks for design that is holistic, culture sensitive and impactful. This mindset is reflected in our team, which comprises multilingual individuals from many different countries, and our work experience, which includes projects in various countries across Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Through our diverse project portfolio, the IAC team has built an exceptional network at home and abroad. As a result, our work and creative influence extends into the design and architecture community in Canada and globally. In January 2021, the IAC, in conjunction with Athabasca University, sponsored a virtual presentation by Zaha Hadid Architects and the University of Calgary's Dr. Brian Sinclair on 'Culturally Sustainable Design'. This virtual event was enormously successful and set a record for attendance with over 500 participants from all over the world.

iwanski architecture

Iwanski Architecture began in Hamburg, Germany, in 1997. Since then, our studio has focused on culturally sensitive architecture, developing designs and solutions to bring our clients’ visions to fruition. Our design ethos is rooted in our client relationships. We work closely with our clients to understand the personal, contextual and physical circumstances of each project and design elegant architectural solutions that are tailored to each client.  Iwanski Architecture has studios in Calgary, Alberta, and Hamburg, Germany, and is led by John Iwanski, registered architect in Alberta and Hamburg, Germany, and Elke Goebel PMP, registered architect in Hamburg, Germany. We specialize in the design of educational facilities, complex modernization projects and the restoration of heritage buildings. John and Elke have led a team of architects to award-winning results in several international design competitions including, the 'Konrad Wolf University for Film and Television Art' near Berlin, Germany, and the Takiron 'Sound Corridor for the City' Design Competition in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2012, Iwanski Architecture has focused on culturally meaningful designs in Calgary and southern Alberta. Our design processes acknowledge the social complexities in which we live and draw on these colourful, social textures to inspire beautiful, inclusive design. Iwanski Architecture is a strong supporter of Calgary's Performing Arts Community and promote diversity and equal opportunity within their studio environment. We also recognize the value and support the skills of foreign trained architects. 

Keystone Architecture

Keystone Architecture Since inception over 30 years ago in British Columbia, Keystone Architecture has built its reputation on integrity and a commitment to the communities we work with. Currently with over 40 people, we remain steadfast in our values as our firm continues to grow, recently expanding to Calgary with long-time architects and technologists including Martin Veenhoven AAA and AIBC, Vicky Couture AAA and Dave Stott CanBIM. Keystone specializes in the design of public and government infrastructure, commercial mixed-use, worship spaces and large impactful Calgary and Edmonton high rise projects. As a part of the Iwanski Architecture and Ensight + team, Keystone Architecture takes tremendous pride in the ability to contribute to the fabric of our unique Calgary urban spaces.

Ensight+ Architecture Inc.

Ensight+ Architecture Inc. is an Alberta-based design intelligence firm that uses creative design insights and sustainable practices to create desirable outcomes for clients and for the benefit of the built environment. Led by highly accomplished architect Sam Oboh, FAIA - a distinguished Fellow of both the American Institute of Architects and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Ensight+ inspires passion for quality design management and is motivated by an enduring commitment to design excellence, innovation, sustainability, and stewardship.

Ensight+ leverages the robust experience of its senior personnel including Sam Oboh, whose expansive experience working on projects such as the multi-billion-dollar Alberta Legislature Centre Redevelopment project, the Edmonton Federal Building, the Royal Alberta Museum of History, and several other projects affirms the firm’s thought leadership in the realm of public architecture.

Recognized for creating exceptional spaces, buildings and places that are responsive to local need, Ensight+ serves clients across three continents, maximizing value for them and blending global expertise and reach with local knowledge, innovation and technical excellence.

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