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Delia School2022, Delia, Alberta, K-12 Replacement School

Iwanski Architecture designed a LEED Silver v4 targeted K-12 school with an enlarged gym and public library for the unique rural school community in Delia. The layout focuses on a central common space that allows circulation while avoiding corridors. Multifunctional spaces were carefully designed to accommodate the high school students allowing for adjustable learning environments and much needed gathering spaces. Based on tight budgets and space allowances that were added to by very generous community donations, we created a durable, multifunctional school environment that the whole community can use and be proud of. This building will be a community hub, re-energizing the Village of Delia.

Creating safe, engaging, and inviting spaces for a rural school that caters to all ages from Kindergarten to High School, as well as the public library and community use of the gym and multi-purpose room within one building was a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.
We incorporated high ceiling circulation zones at the East and West end, maximising daylight and creating attractive gathering spaces.
Our design creates a unique identity for this rural school showcasing pride of place.

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