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Marriott Staff Hub2016, Calgary, Alberta, 110 sq.m., associate space modernization

For over 90 years, the simple motto “People first” has been the foundation of Marriott’s corporate culture and success. The hotel’s belief is that its associates are its greatest asset in providing the superior service customers expect. The modernized associate space, aka the staff hub, had to reflect the ‘Take Care’ motto in all that it offered – a fresh, bright space, flexible use and healthy food choices. 

Proposed food and drink options were tailored around the health and wellness program being initiated at the hotel which included: coffee & tea, water taps, soup station, toasting station, whole fruit while providing microwaves and fridges for employee’s to bring their lunch.
The technology enabled space was to include charging stations and a new WIFI distribution system.
The Marriott’s brand identity is brought to life in this project through spatial planning, finish selection, as well as creative artistic elements and graphics. Adding local references we used artistic elements and graphics to tell the story. Both, a megapixel photographic installation by a local photographer, as well as a tile mural depicting a local landmark, are geographic citations. The decommissioned, back-lit letter M from the hotel’s historic rooftop signage has been electronically adapted and now features as a focal point at the rear. A large custom moss wall provides a subtle and calming connection to nature. 

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