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Westmount Charter School2016, Calgary, Alberta, 13,350 sqm., building renovation

Originally a fast track renovation of the two campuses to allow the school to move in within a few months notice, a long-term plan was developed to accommodate growth and the specific needs of the charter school.

In the most recent project phase, the existing three-storey concrete building, originally designed as a vocational school, has been redesigned into a vibrant 5-12 junior and high school campus.

At the heart of the renovation is a newly covered atrium area which, as the redesigned multi-functional learning commons, forms the ‘heart’ of the school. The concrete slab has been lowered to allow for level access from the main floor, thus creating an open and inviting space that can also function as a presentation area accommodating up to 150 seats. Functional flexibility and state-of-the-art technologies are featured in the design of this unique, fully integrated central commons.

At the same time, upgrades were made to the façade on the main floor. Insufficient mechanical ventilation systems were replaced and new lighting was installed.

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