market mall dermatology & laser clinic


calgary, alberta

305 sq. m.

tenant improvement

This project is one of our most current fast-track success stories. From inception to completion of this 305 sq. m. medical clinic a mere 4 months has passed. Due to contract exiting negotiations from the previous clinic and concurrent lease negotiations for the new space the doctor faced an extremely tight renovation schedule which we together with the team were able to accommodate.

The design is inspired by the skin, its flexibility and natural beauty. A vibrant, fresh colour scheme differentiates between the two sides of the clinic.


cornerstone medical centre


calgary, alberta

163 sq. m.

tenant improvement

This medical clinic was designed to accommodate six doctors and their patients within an existing shopping mall.  Translucency of glass in varying degrees responds to the public and private aspects of the layout abutting the storefront.


medeco dental clinic


hamburg, germany

800 sq. m.

tenant improvement



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